MediaCert TSP

As part of its activities, Worldline has set up a Trusted Service Provider called MediaCert to provide a set of trusted services. These trust services are subject to "eIDAS" Regulation n°910/2014 of the European Parliament and the European Council on electronic identification and trust services for electronic transactions in the internal market.

Addressing all sectors of the economy, companies and administrations, the MediaCert TSP fits into the global offer of Customer Relationship Management of Worldline and allows the offer of a control and a cost cutting of functioning of business process.

As an experienced service provider, the MediaCert TSP and Worldline accompany you and advise you in all stages of your project to bring you the optimal service.

Among the trust services provided appear:
  • the issuance of electronic signature and electronic seal certificates
  • the qualified electronic timestamp
  • document archiving

To govern all these trust services in a structured and coherent way, the MediaCert TSP has set up a General Policy (v1.5) which is common to them. This document presents the general requirements to which the MediaCert TSP is subject, the organization established to ensure the supply of the services, and the applied general security measures.

In the case of electronic signatures, as data controller, TSP MediaCert has also implemented a Personal Data Protection Policy (v2.0).

Certification service

TSP MediaCert, within Worldline, has set up Online Certification Authorities:

    For the delivery of One Time Usage electronic signature certificates:
  • Certification Authority called MediaCert OTU LCP CA 2018
  • Certification Authority called MediaCert OTU CA 2019
  • For the delivery of electronic seal certificates:
  • Certification Authority called MediaCert ORG CA 2019
  • Certification Authority called MediaCert ORG NCP CA 2019
  • Certification Authority called MediaCert PERM CA 2019
  • For the delivery of One Time Usage electronic signature and electronic seal certificates:
  • Certification Authority called AC OTU

These Certification Authorities have been emitted by the intermediate Certification Authority MediaCert Trust CA 2019, that same emitted by root Certification Authority Mediacert Root CA 2018.

These 2 Certification Authorities are said Offline.

The following documents, related to the certification service, bring more details concerning each of the Certification Authorities.

Certification service related documents:

Timestamp service

The MediaCert TSP has set up a timestamp service that can be used in two different ways:
  • either directly as a service in its own right;
  • or indirectly through the certification service.

In both cases, the service targets to emit qualified timestamp considered within the meaning of the European regulation "eIDAS" n°910 / 2014. In this context, one Timestamp Certification Authority, said Offline, have been set up.

Timestamp service related documents:

Archiving service

TSP MediaCert has set up an archiving platform that complies with NF Z 42-013 and ISO 14641-1 standards and can be used in two different ways:
  • as an accompaniment to third-party services operated by Worldline.
  • or directly through interfaces;
This platform is NF 461 certified.
The service makes it possible to keep these documents and to ensure that you can guarantee:
  • their safety;
  • their sustainability;
  • their integrity;
  • their traceability;
  • their availability and online accessibility to Authorized Users;
The documentation and archives of the archiving service are available only in French

Document Title Version Validity
General Policy 1.4 from 2019/05/29 to 2020/02/27
General Policy 1.3 from 2018/09/19 to 2019/05/28

Document Title Version Validity
Personal Data Protection Policy 1.0 from 2019/03/11 to 2020/05/01
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Moreover, only the French version of the contractual documents is enforceable against the parties, even in the presence of translations. Indeed, translations of express agreements are provided for mere convenience and cannot have any legal effect, in particular on the interpretation of the Subscription Contract or the common intention of the parties.

Contact Point

The contact for any remark, request for additional information, complaint or delivery of the litigation file concerning the MediaCert TSP documentation is:

Comité MediaCert
23 rue de la Pointe
Zone Industrielle A
59113 SECLIN